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Jeremy Nichols was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. He spent most of his youth in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio and traveling back and forth from Tokyo, Japan. After high school, he went to the Ohio State University to study Printmaking under Charles Massey Jr, and Phillip Von Rabbe. Shortly after he graduated with a BFA, he moved to Portland, Oregon where he is currently working, drawing, painting, and starring at walls.

In his work, he tries to explore the beauty, energy, movement, and the harmony of the chaos in our environment. More specifically, the relation of human existence versus nature. As a kid, he grew up in two contrasting environments/cultures, which confused him as a kid. It led him to not really understand where he belonged; and more-so not knowing where to call home. So, he tries to reflect on this alienating feeling when he approaches his artwork. He trie to create something that contains fragments of recognizable patterns or textures, and layer them so they turn into this alien growth or world. He wants to present something that may or may not be familiar to the viewer. He wants viewers to see it as a foreign “alien” cluster, and take their own visual journey through the details. He wants to take the viewer somewhere unfamiliar, much like how he felt as a kid growing up.



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